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Known as a spiritual landmark of Bucharest, The Romanian Atheneum was designed by the French architect Albert Galleron and was financed with money collected publicly, in a national lottery - one of the most impressive public fundraising campaigns ever held in Romania.

Built in the heart of Bucharest and completed in 1888, the Atheneum stands today as the symbolic edifice of an entire nation, with an imposing architecture, inspired by the ancient Greek temples, with a high dome and doric columns.

The lobby displays a majestic, painted ceiling embellished in gold leaf, while inside the concert hall, the ceiling and walls are decorated with graceful frescoes. The immense cupola which "absorbs" the sound of the instruments and voices from the stage and cascade it to the listeners, with the finest harmonies and nuances.

Renowned worldwide for its exceptional acoustics qualities, The Atheneum is Bucharest's most prestigious concert hall and a favourite stage for great musical personalities and talents of the world.